barbell2 copySo you are in shape, busting your ass in the gym, on the track or elsewhere and you feel and look great. So far so good. But then comes the moment that its getting cold outside and you cannot wear shorts or leggings anymore. You will have to put on jeans.
We’ve all been there, you stand in front of your closet and you go through the pile of pants you own. Some of them expensive, others not so, some stylish, some standard. But the problem you know with all of them is that they will either fit at the waist and be extremely tight on the legs, OR your legs get a bit more room, but then the waist is so big you can fit 2 more people in there.
Lets face it, jeans (and most pants for that matter) are made for the masses, not for athletes with small waists, big butts and large quads.

LUCKILY there is a solution in the form of the pants from Barbell Apparel. They recognised this exact problem and came up with a solution in the form of their “athletic fit” jeans. Effectively these are stretchy jeans, but done in a very stylish way.
Our friends from ReviewsOnAnything did a full review on it that you can find through their website. We’ve also linked the review video below.

Give this company some love, they are with us! :)

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