Some of us are blessed with an iron will and self discipline, others might not be so lucky. At the same time, life tends to get pretty busy and some people are just not in a position to make time for personal training throughout their week. We recognize this by offering a program that does not involve any physical contact hours; everything is done online through shared documentation, skype, whatsapp, hangouts and whichever platform you want. We come to you through the internet, whenever its convenient for you.

Obviously this is a service for people that can handle things on their own, because in the end there is only so much we can do digitally to keep you accountable and help you in case of problems or struggle. But when its not an issue at all, this is a perfect way of communication since its fast, easy and flexible and does not require any traveling.

Online Coaching works best if you already have some kind of fitness routine going on in your life. If you go running a few times a week, are a gym-regular or enjoy doing home-workouts are perfect examples. We will set you up with a structured approach to reach new goals or to keep your workouts interesting. Of course we will tailor this service to whatever you are trying to achieve and make it work with your daily schedule and existing timeframes for your training.
Besides that we will also work on your nutrition, by going over your eating schedule and making changes where needed and possible.
Once the initial planning is in place, we will create “check up moments” at set intervals (weekly, 10-days, month etc) to verify you are staying on track and make adjustments if needed. This way you will always stay on top of things to get the best possible results that you are looking for.

If you like the concept of online coaching, feel free to contact us for any questions you might have or to get you a specific price quote. We are confident you will enjoy the convenience of this service and the results that go with it!/p>

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