There is no way around it; training by yourself can be difficult. Even the most die-hard fitness veterans have days where it is hard to make it to the gym, or to put those running shoes on. Besides that, it can be pretty lonely to have to do it all just by yourself. Thats why we offer group-training sessions for up to 5 people with similar goals and fitness levels to make it just that little bit easier to get going.

Working out in a group can be great! It is more fun when you share a common goal and can work towards it together. Motivating eachother to dig that little deeper and push out those last few reps goes a long way to makeing workouts that much more effective.
A group is also a great way to stay accountable for what you do. It is not nice to let your group down by not showing up for training, so its a little extra motivation to get out the door, even when its dark and cold outside.

We feel that big groups dont work. You get lost in the group

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