Like so many women, Mara took a few weeks “break” after the birth of her first son. She figured after carrying a child for 9 months and while breastfeeding she would take it easy for a while, especially with regards to eating and sports.
She heard from other mothers that while breastfeeding, you could eat whatever you want and the kilo’s from the pregnancy would still pretty much fall off. And since she was still recovering from the birth and hormones, she did not feel like doing any sports in the first place.

The few weeks though, turned into a few months, that turned into half a year and Mara suddenly realized that she was not breastfeeding anymore, but still structurally eating too much of the wrong food and she had not done any sports for longer than she cared to remember. A look in the mirror confirmed that she was not in a shape she would liked to be anymore. Something clearly had to change! But Mara did not want the monthly financial commitment to a gym with set schedules and weight rooms. She also did not feel comfortable joining zumba and pump classes with 20 year old bouncy girls in lycra pants.
Buying a pair of running shoes was something she had done long before the pregnancy, but running was tedious and boring she found out.
Apart from a sporting activity, Mara realized she did not even know where to begin when it came to proper nutrition. Sure salad is healthier than lasagna, and light products have less calories (right??), but overall she was not sure what the right approach was.

Mara got in touch with ProfessionalGymRats through a friend and went to work. Not by going on a diet, not by killing herself with burpees, but by being consistent in both her food and activities. Together with the ProfessionalGymRats, Mara was able to improve a little bit every week and every training, in the end resulting in a big change.
In just 3 short months, Mara was back in shape, feeling energetic and happy. Not only that, she also started sleeping better and the changes in her food were very easy to follow and maintain. Mara was feeling comfortable in her own body again and thanks to the extra energy she was able to handle the challenges of being a mother much better than before and enjoy her little man every single day.

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