When we start with new clients, we like to spend a bit of time to get to know them, what motivates them etc. In that time we also try to find out how much knowledge they already have when it comes to training, nutrition, resting, methods and some other aspects of a fit lifestyle and this is where it sometimes gets a bit tricky.
Thanks to the zillion fitness blogs, websites and guru’s you can find online and of course the marketing machines behind juice diets, body detox programs, cleanse sessions and the latest cable-bosball-pilates, people generally have quite a twisted idea on how to get in shape.

“ah yes, i read online that we have to do the dynamic-sideways-hanging-decline-kettlebell-stepup-cross-swing-push exercise for 4,5 sets of 8,7 seconds to success to get in shape”

riiiight… what do your reply to that??

Truth is that when it comes to all aspects of training, nutrition, rest and overall fitness; simple is better. Want big shoulders? Do more shoulderpresses. Want strong legs? Do squats. Want to loose weight? Burn more than you take in. Need to get flexible? Stretch.
Its not rocket science and it is not complicated, so why make it like that?

Maybe it is the Dutch origin of the Profesionalgymrats founder Peter that has inspired this (the Dutch are very down to earth and like to keep it simple), but we really feel that the simpler you keep things, the better your results will be and the easier it is to stay focussed.

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