When people come to us and ask for advice, there is one goal above all that they want to achieve: loosing weight.
To be completely honest, this makes sense. Usually people pack on a bit of weight and one day look in the mirror and realise its not such a pleasant image looking back anymore. So they make the assumption that loosing weight will make them look better and unfortunately they then start to “crave” for that magic number on the scale where everything will be well with the world again.

We often like to conduct a little experiment to open peoples eyes to the deception of the scale. We put them on the scale and it will give them a number. We then let them drink (or hold) a bottle of water. Obviously the scale is going to display that extra weight of the fluids in a new, higher number.
We then ask if they see a difference in the mirror. Obviously there will not be any difference in the way they look, but the scale will tell them they have gained weight and that is generally considered a bad thing.
This little experiment is often the first step people take towards accepting that the scale is a pretty poor measure of how you look on the outside.

The simple fact of the matter is that there are a million and one things that can influence your weight and at the same time have no effect on the way you look on the outside. Simple things like the water example to going to the toilet or simply the airpressure or humidity outside and the time of day will make your weight swing for as much as 2 kilo’s. Just imagine weighing yourself after your morning nr 2 and before breakfast and weighing yourself again just before going to bed.

What we try to teach most of our clients is that your weight is just a number that, honestly, nobody really cares about. Nobody will say: “Hey you look great!”, Thanks, im 86 kilos, “Oh, in that case you dont look great”. The way you look on the outside is in the end what matters, not an arbitrary number on the scale. The same goes for your bodyfat %, Lean muscle mass % etc. Yes these numbers do represent certain values that you might or might not take into account, but it does not matter if your bodyfat is 5% or 10% or 25%, if you look good in the mirror, that is a result that matters.

No we are not saying that if you weight 300 kilo’s that is a good thing. But we dont focus on your weight, we focus on your health and overall look. Luckily, after a while, most of our clients forget about the scale or decide to throw it away completely. And THAT is one of the best results we can achieve!

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